The Top Reasons to try Serviced Offices

There are many benefits to a serviced office, especially if you are a new company or start-up searching for the right place to get a good start. If you decide to go this route, it is important to understand many of the benefits associated with this option, particularly if this is a long-term solution for you. Knowing what to expect should also help you enter into the option with a clear mind and ready expectations, allowing you to improve your chances later.

The Top Reasons to try Serviced Offices

Cost Savings

A serviced office is particularly beneficial because it costs significantly less than other options and this is ideal for companies looking to keep start-up expenses lower. By doing away with the initial costs of setup and any hidden charges associated with conventional lease options, you can save dramatically on monthly costs. Moreover, options such as break-out areas, video conferencing, meeting rooms, and more are also available without too much trouble, allowing for even more savings and reduced costs up front.


Another key feature of serviced offices in Sydney is that they provide the ultimate flexibility compared to conventional office options, which is ideal for any new or small business. Serviced offices can be available for just a single month or as long as a year and agreements are renewable most of the time. Such short-term options are beneficial in particular to start-ups with unstable cash flow or even for large companies looking to expand in new markets without tying themselves down with a concrete agreement.


At a serviced office, infrequently used space such as a pantry, meeting room, and conference room are available for use and payable on an as-needed basis, allowing you to keep costs even lower over time. Compared to traditional office space, it is far more efficient than owning a meeting room and other office facilities that are only used a few hours each week but are burdened with heavy rents. This is your opportunity to make better use of your money than to pay for a space that you rarely use.

Additionally, a service team with great training is also there to keep your in-house payroll more affordable by offering IT support, secretarial support, cleaning, security, and more. This will not only help you gain significant savings on overhead but valuable management time savings from handling these types of staff recruitment and retention issues. In short, this is a better and more cost-effective way to run a business and to keep an office well maintained even if you have a smaller staff.

Reduced Risk

When using serviced offices, you are no longer obliged to hold the large amount of fixed assets required by owning a conventional office, enabling you to change the size of your office according to your business growth rate. With IT infrastructure, office equipment, telecommunications systems, and more centrally managed by the serviced office provider, all of the associated operational risks are significantly reduced. Such reduced risk should make all the difference between success and failure and this is something that a start-up cannot afford to worry about.

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