Latest Customer Service Trends That Call Centers Should Pay Special Attention To

It is so true that call centers in India are meeting diverse types of industry-specific requirements of global clients in the most effective, adept manner.  Not only this, every solution provider in India also ensures cost-effective solutions to all sorts of businesses, and as a result numerous organizations worldwide willingly delegate their various mission-critical customer service functions to solution providers in India.  However, with the emergence of other proficient outsourcing destinations in the world, the solution providers in India certainly have to face numerous challenges.  In fact, it has become very challenging for call center service providers in India to meet dynamic requirements, expectations, and specifications of global clients.  Therefore, experts advise call center companies in India to pay attention to latest customer service trends that can help them maintain enduring bonds with all the clients worldwide.

Latest Customer Service Trends That Call Centers Should Pay Special Attention To

Given below are some of the latest customer service trends that contact center companies in India should pay special attention to.

Voice Biometric:  You must know that customers do appreciate your approach to protect their data and maintain a high level of security; however, you need to ensure that all these must not make it problematic or cumbersome for your customers to connect with your business representatives.  Presently, numerous renowned call centers India ask customers to go through a verification process so as to seek efficient guidelines. These contact centers must know that voice biometric can help them immensely herein.  Using voice biometric, contact centers can actually verify the identity of caller without asking them any confidential question.  This helps immensely in delivering hassle-free customer service experience.

Social media-based customer service:  It is not a big surprise that social media platforms have emerged as potential platforms from where you can manage several crucial business specific functions.  More importantly, you should know that if you do not monitor these social media platforms, then you might not get to know about the factors that can influence the performance and reputation of your business.  Therefore, business process outsourcing companies should start monitoring social media platforms for their global clients so as to ensure one-stop BPO services.  This would help clients in a keeping a close eye on all sorts of discussion on social networking sites regarding their offerings.

Proactive support/Call back:  Some solution providers in India are content with the answers they deliver to customers during every customer service exchange.  These solution providers must know that plenty of customers do not like speaking a lot about the issues they face, and they actually expect that customer support staff would help them resolve those issues as well.  The expectations of these customers can be met only if you would ensure proactive assistance.  More importantly, you need to follow up with them through various channels in order to seek their valuable feedbacks.  Not only would it help solution providers evaluating their competency and performance, but would also help them deliver values to all the customers.

Multichannel customer service provision:  It is so true that a large chunk of customers, especially those who reside in urban locations, like connecting with business representatives through various channels of communication.  Herein, multichannel customer service provision has certainly become a must-have for all the solution providers in India.  By offering multichannel solutions, call center companies in India can meet rising expectation level of customers in the easiest possible manner.  More importantly, by offering multichannel solutions, call centers India can help businesses in maintaining more strategized bonds with all their customers, prospects, leads, and target audience.

Visual IVR:  It is so true that interactive voice response system has taken the entire world by storm, and several solution providers in India are adeptly meeting customer service requirements of various global clients in the most adept manner by using efficient, well-scripted IVR menu.  However, these solution providers in India must also catch up with the latest idea of visual IVR as it can help them deliver customer-focused BPO services in the most cost-effective, competent manner.  Nowadays customers do not like listening to long menus on IVR, and they really appreciate this when solution providers facilitate them with visual IVR.  Therefore, solution providers should embrace this technology in order to stand tall on expectations of millennials.

In short, in order to meet the rising customer expectations as well as diverse types of industry-specific requirements, all competent and trusted call centers India should pay intact attention to these latest customer service trends.

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