Johor Bahru For Rest and Business: Hotel, Meal and Transport Services

Johor Bahru is not a plain city with the numerous tourists, but lots of high-class hotels and different attractions. Also, the city is full of hotels of 3 and 4 stars with high service and comfortable atmosphere. The city is attractive for rich and budget tourists. This is the list of TOP attractive hotels for tourists. If you think they are not good for you, you may always find something else, according to your taste and budget.

KSL Hotel & Resort

The variety of hotels in Johor Bahru attracts all tourists, even those, who are the most experienced in travelling. One of the best modern and stylish hotels in the city is KSL Hotel & Resort. It makes the whole complex with the popular shopping mall KSL to offer more than 800 comfortable suits of different level. It is worth to say that you may also visit one more interesting shopping mall Holiday Plaza. How about visiting another additional attraction for all hotel guests – thematic park Dinosaurs Alive?

MOA Kuantan

The Puteri Pacific Johor Bahru

All travellers, who used to take rest in a calm and quiet atmosphere, pay attention to The Puteri Pacific Johor Bahru. The main its advantage is high-class SPA salon D’ Rebung that offers the wide choice of cosmetology procedures to all clients. If you like sport, you can visit the fitness center, high class tennis courts and squash courts. It is worth to say that this prestigious hotel attracts you with the Kai Xuan Restaurant, specialized in Chinese cuisine.

Mutiara Johor Bahru

The hotel Mutiara Johor Bahru is very popular mostly for shop lovers. It is located in the center of the trade city district to have well-developed infrastructure. There is a picturesque territory with the swimming-pool and good-equipped playground, comfortable restaurants and lounges. You can visit the trade gallery and business center on the hotel territory.

Granada Johor Bahru

The most specific feature of Johor Bahru is the unique combination of style and chic that you can see in the Granada Johor Bahru Hotel. This is the right place for sophisticated tourists. The rooms and suits are decorated in the most elegant style. The lights are interesting and the hotel situation is impressive. The hotel is located not far from the Aeon Jusco Bukit Indah shopping mall to have the souvenir shop and exclusive goods for sale. The hotel guests are also welcomed in the comfortable pub Brewery Fun to enjoy the friendly surrounding and big choice.


Thistle Johor Bahru

If you used to stay in the high class hotels, you should spot your choice on the Thistle Johor Bahru. You may use the highly comfortable suits with the panoramic windows, decorated in different colors, swimming pool and green terraces around. There is nothing better than taking the sun bathes here. Look around! The landscape compositions are marvelous. The hotel restaurant Oasis offers to try Italian and Japanese cuisine.

Tropical Inn Johor Bahru

The hotel is situated in the highest city building. The Tropical Inn Johor Bahru must be the perfect place for shop lovers. The hotel is placed not far from the Danga Bay region, famous of its popular trade centers, thematic parks and restaurants. There is also a good Chinese restaurant in the hotel. Nevertheless, the cuisine and surrounding is innovative.

LRS Architects - Avalon Hotel & SPA - Photo 0009

Meal Service

Johor Bahry is a city of many different nationalities. You can easily find the restaurants of national and European cuisine. If you like fast food cafes, there are many fast food restaurants here, including your favorite Mac Donald’s. If you want something hot and spice, welcome to the Asian cafes. Of course, the base of the Malaysian cuisine is rice dishes in different variations of it. Be attentive, traditional Malaysian cuisine never uses pork meat. The most of the citizens is Islamic. Islam religion prohibits pork. Nevertheless, Malaysians are very patient about the people from different religions. You can eat pork if you want.

Traditional Malaysian cuisine likes using chicken, beef, lamb meat. The choice of dishes is huge. The first and foremost, you are recommended to try rice noodles with different spices. You should also try the fried rice with shrinks, vegetables and eggs, or chicken meat with sauce and coco milk. The meat is juicy and aromatic. Pay attention to the soup made of the bull’s tails. Of course, it sounds strange but tastes very specific. If you like salads, the choice of salads is huge. What is for dessert? How about the tasty jelly with fruits?

The most popular drink in Johor Bahru is coco milk. You can buy coconuts everywhere in the city. It is very pleasant to drink the cold tasty milk in a hot day. Malaysians also like to drink tea, coffee and juices of all sorts. What about the alcohol drinks? The alcohol drinks are not recommended to use. Of course, you can easily buy it in the shop. Remember that drinking in the streets is very irreverent. You can drink alcohol in the hotel room or restaurant.


Transport Service

The most popular public transport in Johor Bahry is bus. There is no metro in the city. There are also two kinds of taxi – red and blue color. The taxi cars of blue color take their passengers only over the city. If you want to go far away of the city, you should call for the red taxi car. There is a little nuance, the taxi of blue color is very expensive. It is impossible to lower the price. They all work with the counter. From the other hand, try to use taxis with counters. Otherwise, the price can be higher than ever. By the way, the most of the roads are paid, so, you have to pay for them additionally.

Never forget about the local rental car services in Johor Bahru. This is the best way of travelling to avoid overpaying taxi and noisy buses. Johor Bahru is a perfect place for spending your vacation. It is also interesting for kids due to the friendly citizens and numerous attractions. Just try to find the most comfortable hotel to stay.

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