Doing Business in Barcelona: Myths and Reality

Barcelona is one of the most favorable and interesting European cities to start your business at the moment. Do you need facts and reasoning? There are many reasons for that.

Favorable Position

Barcelona is a center of fast-growing European region. This is also the capital of Mediterranean region a coupling agent between Latin America and Maghreb Countries.

Communication between Different Countries

Barcelona is one of the biggest Mediterranean harbors. There is an international airport, where you can hire a car in Barcelona to any station you like. Actually, the city is the leading logistic region in the Southern part of the continent.

Economical Center

Barcelona is the center of great economic development of the region. It has the wide business network to develop and rich industrial experience.

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Numerous Investments

There are more than 5 000 of foreign investors in Catalonia, 90% of them are concentrated in Barcelona or close to it. In general, more than a half of foreign investors try to develop their business in Spain regions.

Economic Activity

Barcelona is characterized with high economic activity to pay attention to new technologies and ecologic industry. These segments are leading industrial brunches to start business and get investments.

Educational Center

Almost half of Barcelonans that are economic active are involved in the educational sphere. There 8 high rate prestigious universities in the heart of Spain. IESE and ESADE business schools are used to be the best in the world in business training.


Barcelona changes its urban face to be up to date. The city is a platform to make the craziest projects come true.


Trade and business are important. The locals are initiative and scrupulous to start their business in different spheres. They like partnership, including international markets. The city is positioned as the European center to grow new effective companies.

Worldwide Recognition

The numerous global researches and rates proved that Barcelona is prestigious country all over the world.

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Business Myths

It is time to speak about the business myths that you are going to face in Spain. If you are going to develop your business in Catalonia, it is better to think twice and evaluate arguments. You will succeed if you are ready to work hard. Remember that you have to solve many problems and answer a lot of questions on your own. You know the business in Spain can be profitable and successful just with the owner’s total efficiency and contribution. The business background is owner’s personal authority and support. This is the key to success for big and small companies.

Myth 1

What do you have in the very beginning? First of all, you truly believe that your business will be profitable in the nearest future. You also expect that you can hire a good assistant to manage and develop your business to the end of the year. So, it must be favorable time to go travelling while your business will grow and widen. The reality is different. It takes you about 3 years to get your business off the ground. It can also take you about 5 years to sleep well and start traveling. All you need is good health, strong nervous and big money.

Myth 2

Do you think that you can save your money of you bought ready-made business? Of course, you think that this kind of business does not need to be contributed. It needs less efforts and money. You are wrong. Who wants to sell profitable business? No one wants. If you are going to buy ready-made project, you also buy big problems, expenses to save it and develop. It can be more costly to reanimate old than start new. Think about it.

Myth 3

A good beginning is what you need. If your start was successful, you do not need many efforts to develop your business. There is the only one rule: you are the only person who is interested in your business development. You have to solve many problems on your own. Be ready to meet the most undesirable situations and hard work. Of course, there is terribly good weather and cheap wine that makes your to work better. Have your finger on the pulse of your business!

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What is the Most Successful Business in Barcelona?

It is said that first of all, you have to orient your business to Catalonians traditions. What do they like the most? They like local cuisine and city attractions. Barcelona welcomes lots of tourists every year. So, your business can be related to service sectors:

Cafes and restaurants;

Souvenir shops and traditional food shops (wine, cheese, ham);

Hotels and hostels, apartments;

Rental rooms service.

Of course, you can always buy ready to made business in Spain. There are many interesting variants, including hotels, offices, restaurants of high profitability.

Buy Ready to Made Business in Spain

To buy ready to made business in Spain, you need legal services, translation services. There are special companies that can help you. They can give you a competent support from the very beginning: informational search, making contract, re-issue of documents and licensing. The highly demand businesses are food courts, hotel complexes, apartments, villas. There is one more popular activity – offices for rent.

Your decision to buy business in Barcelona can help you to get profit by passing by many undesirable formalities and making plan from the ground up. Never forget about the marketing strategy. It is important for ready to made and start up business.


Start Your Business in Spain

If you want to realize your business plan, you have to learn many important rules in Spain. Of course, you can do it on your own or find reliable partner-company that can give you a competent support:

Market analysis, investments search and market position;

Competitive comparison in the sphere of your business;

Making a business plan;

Investments (national banks, business partners, big companies);

Good and comfortable office room and equipment to represent your company;

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