4 Financial Tricks For People In Their 30s

The big 3-0 came knocking and chances are more than a few of us were not ready for it. We spend our 20s in mindless pursuit of getting a college degree, landing a job to get by, travelling, taking risks and falling in and out of love.

But, when we reach our 30s we suddenly shift our focus and it all comes down to one word – money.

Or, better yet, how to make more of it.

Then we hit the wall, like that little emoticon on Skype which keeps slamming into a solid brick wall over and over again.

Learn, get a degree and then work hard. This is the advice usually given, but the world around us is changing rapidly and this mantra is no longer the fool-proof way to live an affluent life.

Even when you try to find out about finances it is presented in a highly jargonized manner and pie charts, graphs and % jumping at you from every which way.

So, your mind just shuts down because you do not understand the data being thrown at you.

4 Financial Tricks For People In Their 30s

How about you just make a small change?

How about you try and use just 4 financial tricks which are intuitive rather than mathematical?

  1. Invest in a New Skill a.k.a Invest in Yourself

This is an oldie but a goldie.

And it does not have to be money you invest. Invest your time, invest your passion. You might be working a 9 to 5 job but that still leaves you with some downtime you can use to learn something new or simply hone the skills you already have.

People who strive for excellence and do not comply see the world differently.

They see opportunity. They see solutions instead of problems.

New skills, or improvement on the skills you already have can lead to promotions or better job offerings which will change the state of your bank account.

Sitting in front of the TV will not.

You are your biggest asset, so invest in yourself and never stop doing it.

  1. Speculate to Accumulate

This is another nugget of wisdom but it does ring true, especially when you are in your 30s.

Simply storing money and not doing anything with it will not bring the desired results.

Instead, engage with your money. Work smarter not harder. We are living in the most exciting period of human history with info being just a click away.

In fact, it is not even necessary to leave the house in order to invest and generate more profits.

There are plenty of online investment ventures like Forex orbinary options which, aside from being very simple and straightforward, opened the doors for the Average Joe to venture into the world of financial trading.

The initial investment is affordable even for those living on a tight budget and benefits could bring in the coveted results.

  1. Spend Smartly

How many times have we heard from “older and wiser” people we should not spend on our morning latte or should not go out for dinner but stay at home instead?

If that first cup of creamy latte in the morning puts your mind in the right place for the rest of the day, then that is a good investment.

Spend smartly and do not deprive yourself.

Money should not be about daily guilt trips, but about the freedom it brings in so you can improve your circumstances.

Keep a written track of your spending habits, cut your corners on things that are not important to you and spend on the ones that are.

  1. Save Time to Spend Time

This might not seem like an intuitive financial trick for people in their 30s, but you need to shift that line of thought immediately.

Time is money, and if you are spending yours carelessly you might as well be flushing your pennies down the toilet.

Use all the available means you have at your disposal to save time so you can spend it wisely. Sounds a bit kooky, doesn’t it? Yet, it makes complete sense if you put it in context.

Pay your bills online – it will save you both time and money.

Get rid of all the clutter you have lying around your house. You can sell it on one of the numerous websites or give it away. Either way, you will spend less time and money on cleaning and general maintenance.

Don’t spend endless hours in front of TV or playing computer games. Read the tip no.1 and reorganise your downtime to maximise your profit-making activities.

Be selective when it comes to the company you keep. Smart people want to be surrounded by even smarter people they can learn from.

Buy your groceries in bulk! This is another great trick and it will save both money and time. Also, be clever and buy diverse, wholesome ingredients with which you can make great meals.

Time is an amazing asset and it needs to be nurtured in order to bring in results.

Making money does not have to be complicated. Start by using these 4 tricks and, as you master these, add more and live the life you dream of living.

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