3 Things A PrestaShop CRM App Can Streamline

Millions of people use PrestaShop to host their online store. It’s one of the most popular online shopping carts out there. Over the years, the shopping cart service has added an app store and has opened its API to developers. This has resulted in a number of quality applications being released that further add to the functionality of this popular service.

In recent years, marketers have been looking for a way to better connect with customers, realizing that the more personal approach generally results in stronger conversions and improved long term retention. Many marketers are now relying on a PrestaShop CRM app to meet these marketing goals. Such integrations do have plenty to offer to end users. We’ll take a look at three popular features to give you an inside look.

3 Things A PrestaShop CRM App Can Streamline

  1. Learning Customer Habits

While PrestaShop’s backend does offer some form of analytics and order tracking, it’s far from robust. Its design isn’t centered on the approach of helping you learn your customers. Rather, it’s a basic analytical engine that provides a snapshot of your orders and shipping status.

To actually learn your customer habits, you will need to dig deeper. This is where a PrestaShop CRM app can come in handy. It can instantly import all your data and create customer profiles that deliver the individual order, shipping, returns and customer service history of each customer. With this data at your fingertips, you’ll be able to create powerful, revenue-producing campaigns that are based on data and not guesswork.

  1. Creating Revenue Producing Campaigns

So how can a PrestaShop CRM app help you market better and generate more revenue? By using a combination of real-time and historical data from the CRM, you can determine what products sell the best during what time of year. What’s more, you can also figure out what shipping preferences are most popular, who’s making the most returns and of what product, and what inventories move the fastest.

This data can then be used to create a better marketing campaign, newsletter, social posting or what-have-you. By relying on what you know works, CRM can help you tailor your future marketing messages to the right crowd at the right time. The end result is less money spent and more revenue earned, with fewer returns and happier customers.

  1. Connecting All Your Sales Channels

Chances are that you are selling on multiple channels, like eBay, Amazon, your website and others to make the most money, a process called Omnichannel marketing. This is great, but what about your data? Each channel usually hosts it and does not share it with another sales channel. For instance, eBay won’t talk to Etsy or Amazon and vice-versa.

With the right CRM app, though, you can access all of this data under one hub. That’s because newer versions of this software offer cross-channel integration, which means they pull all the data from every sales channel you have and host it under one cloud interface.

This means that you can now take your marketing approach and use it to determine what is hot everywhere for your online business. As you can imagine, this can impact your sales in a positive manner, while also serving to improve retention and loyalty with your customers. As you can see, CRM for PrestaShop can do a lot more than you may have previously thought. Given these benefits, it’s definitely a tool worth considering.

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